About Us

logo1The Jim Smith Society was organized by James H. Smith, Jr. and his wife Jane in 1969 at Camp Hill, Pennsylvania with 3 members. We now have 1826 members all over the U.S., Canada, Wales, Ireland, England, New Zealand and South America! Wondering what it takes to be in the Jim Smith Society? Our only requirement is that your name be Jim Smith. If you are a Jim or James Smith, or any variation thereof, (male or female) come join us (yes we DO have female Jims in our Society).

We are an organization dedicated to having fun and good times. We have no causes, no fund raisers, no political or religious affiliations, only the desire to enjoy ourselves and each other. As you can see by our logo, our motto is “We Don’t Shun Fun.”

We meet annually, normally in the month of July, at different locations for a “FUN FEST”, exploring sites, and playing “JIMGO” our version of BINGO.

If you are interested in joining, go to the “Membership” tab and download the PDF form. fill it out, attach your check and send to the address on the form.